Who we are

Nite Technology OÜ is a nanotechnological biomaterials company, based in Tallinn (Estonia), which offers biological solutions based on its innovative Nite Carbon Nanoclusters (NCN®) technology for the market of nanomedicines, antibacterial and antiviral medical devices, veterinary and food supplements.

NCN®, a unique nano-engineering tool, derived from vegetable raw material, designed to work with molecular cargo or on its own. For its unique surface chemistry and its antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, enables cellular engineering, therapeutic, biomanufacturing and agricultural technologies.

Understanding many of the challenges associated with nanomedicine, the company focused on developing the world’s first truly universal carbon nanoclusters delivery vehicle using its two NCN® Nanoclusters group.

The NCN® Hurdle Nanoclusters, focuses on developing nano solutions for antioxidant, antimicrobial and antiviral bio nanoclusters applicable in all sectors of medical devices, antimicrobial and antiviral surface treatments, for air filter media and veterinary food supplements sectors.

The NCN® Drug Delivery Nanoclusters focuses on developing bio nano solutions nanomedicine or the delivery of pharmaceutical molecules, proteins, and small molecules for improved intracellular delivery efficiency and increased cell targeting.